Company activities

With Thai Duong, the human resource is always one of the important factors to contribute in the success and sustainable development of the company. Therefore, in addition to focus on our production and business, we are always considering and improving the human resource by the useful activities such as training skills: working, presentation, social communication, integration for staffs and workers…; executing the 5S, Kaizen programme.

Moreovers, we always pay our attention in bring the good, friendly working environment to encourage and present the labors. We have celebrated every-3 month activities named “I am people of Thai Duong” to encourage employees to contribute and promote their creative ideals for comprehensive improvements in all aspects of the company. We evaluate then present the certificate and present for the applicable ideals from the smallest improvement as the small manipulation while working to the ideal for improving quality system, machinery equipment system to enhance productivity and quality of products.

It is our honor to warmly welcome the value customers, partners and organizations to visit and have business relationship with us in both domestic and international.


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